Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Cheat Pointblank WH Nama Auto On 160112

Credit : WawanFcd
Thanks To :
[[]] All Member My Blog
[[]] WawanFcd
[[]] SekTonic
[[]] Devino RK
Cara Penggunaan :
[[]] extraxt rar
[[]] masukan password
[[]] buka injectornya
[[]] buka PB launcher
[[]] start
[[]] Auto Injection
Fiture & Hotkey :
[-]WH Nama : Auto ON
Jika Cheat Not Work
[[]] Jamu Pointblank Copykan File ini ke system32 / Forder Pointblank: [d3dx9_32.dll,d3dx9_34.dll,d3dx9_36.dll,d3dx9_38.dll,d3dx9_41.dll.d3dx9_43.dll,msvcr100.dll,msvcp100d.dll]
Copykan File tersebut di system32 / Folder Pointblank
Cheat Pointblank


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